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With Upward serving as a service-based agency, our desire is to be able to meet the needs of our talent in the highest manner. We pride ourselves on our community partnerships, and we are so elated to announce our partnership with Future Stars.

Future Stars is an amazing facility cultivating young talent. Within their facility, Upward is now housed at a central location in the Heights, so we can continue to nurture talent - young and old - in Houston, as well as meet the needs of Future Stars’ current clientele. 

The Future Stars facility will serve as a central hub and “one stop shop” to meet the needs of all artists and creatives. With Upward’s new “Industry Readiness Program” with weekly classes, workshops, and events PLUS current program offerings from Future Stars, we are creating a pipeline where talent are fully equipped with resources, tools, and knowledge to navigate and excel in the industry either as the talent or working behind-the-scenes.  Check out video and pictures of the facility. To enroll in our "Industry Readiness Program", or to reserve usage of any one of the spaces, please click on the link below:


Future Stars 4.jpg
Future Stars 5.jpg
Future Stars 4.jpg
Future Stars 4.jpg


Phone: 832-835-1835

707 N. Shephard Dr. Ste. #200

Houston, TX 77007

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