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Devon Williamson Headshot.jpg

Devon Williamson - Upward Cares Liason  

                                     Talent Representative (general)

Currently studying in dual programs at Arizona State and the University of Texas at Austin and previously communications at Houston Community College,  Devon found an interest in being in the arts at a very young age first with music at the age of three and sixteen with acting and photography. However, the modeling side of photography as well as sound technology is what catches his attention.  As an artist, he feels that being involved in the artistic fields allows a story to be told and a lesson to be learned.  With the use of his vast networking skills and the various social media platforms in today's age, he's continued to grow and learn more for himself to keep on being an artist to continue the process of educating and storytelling with his talents.  Devon currently oversees our Upward Cares community initiative. With Upward cares being his brainchild, he has found a new talent within connecting Upward in other community initiatives such as back-to-school drives, clothing drives, after school programs volunteering and more. 


Shenyse Harris - Coordinator of Talent Growth and Development

                                  In-House Acting and Media Coach 

Originally from Alief, Texas, she started acting by becoming a Texas State Thespian in high school, then went on to receive her BFA from Santa Fe University of Art in Design in 2015 and Masters degree in acting from Brown University. Since graduating, she's worked regionally at Dallas Theatre Center and Virginia Stage Company to name a few having acted in roles off-Broadway as the season 11 premiere of CBS Blue Bloods.

As an acting coach and teacher, Shenyse has remained resourceful, organized, and thorough, and has often been charged with the task of liaison and meditator, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard, respected, and understood. She believes in cultivating diverse and impactful workshops for actors. As a coach, she's passionate about helping others develop their unique identity in acting and providing tools that ultimately develop the actor's instincts and intellect.

Shenyse has carved her own path and journey in the industry as she desired to help her fellow acting colleagues and their friends in their own journeys having connected them with industry professionals, prepared them for their own auditions, and thus landing those roles.

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